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Creeks Softball Association is the largest organization for youth girls' softball in Northwest St Johns County.  We offer two youth girls' softball seasons each year - Spring and Fall.  Following the Spring Season, All-Star teams are formed in most age divisions.   Our youth girls' softball home games are played at Aberdeen Park.  All age groups play within a coalition of nearby associations and will travel to other parks to play some games.

Spring Girls Softball Key Dates:

  • Registration - Mid-December through the end of January.
  • Evaluations and Teams Form - Between Late-January and the first week of February.
  • Season - First of March through Early May*.

Fall Girls Softball Key Dates:

  • Registration - Mid-July through Mid-August.
  • Evaluations and Teams Form - Between End-August and Early-September.
  • Season - October through Mid-November**.

*All-Star season runs Mid-May through Mid-July and is on a try-out basis.

**Fall Softball season typically ends before the week of Thanksgiving.  

What age division should my child play?

Babe Ruth determines age based on December 31 of the prior year.  Your child may be 11 years old now but if she was 10 years old on Dec 31, she is eligible to play 10u.  You can find the age chart here:

What will my player's practice and game schedule be?

The first few weeks of each season are devoted solely to practice. Practices are generally held twice a week: once on a weeknight and once on Saturday. Your coach will announce practice days and times at your first team meeting. Once your team begins playing games, you will maintain a similar schedule of 1-2 games per week. Evening practices and games usually start around 6:00 for the younger age groups and 7:30 for the older groups. Additional practices once the game schedule begins are at your coach's discretion. Generally there are no games/practices on Wednesdays and Sundays.

When are practices?

Coaches select practice days after teams are selected.  Practice times are reselected once games start due to field availability.  Teams will not know their practice schedule until after the draft.  6U, 8U, 10U typically practice 5:30-7:30pm on weekdays. 12U, 14U, 16U typically practice 7:30pm-9:00pm weekdays.  Weekends are also used for practice.

When are games?

The game schedule is typically released the week before games begin.  6U, 8U, 10U weekday games begin at 6pm.  12U, 14U, 16U weekday games begin at 7:30pm.  Saturday games (all age divisions) are 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, and 1:30pm. Your coach will inform you of the game schedule and locations.  Schedules will be posted on the website on team pages once they are available

Does my player have to try out?

Recreational teams do not have tryouts. From 8U onward, players are asked to participate in skills evaluation in front of the coaches. The evaluation aids the coaches in the draft process. All registered players will be placed on a team regardless of skill level or past softball experience. Evaluation dates and times will be listed on the website. Everyone who registers will be placed on a team.  We have evaluations so that talent can be balanced across all teams.

Does my child need a defensive face mask?

Yes.  CSA requires all Players to wear a facemask.  Today's bats are engineered for high exit speeds, unlike bats from several years ago.  A mask will cost you less than a pair of cleats.

What Equipment does my daughter need?

She needs a glove, rubber cleats (sneakers are okay too), helmet with face mask, defensive face mask, and a bat. Batting gloves are optional. 

What kind of bat should I buy?

All bats must have either "fastpitch" or "softball" printed on the bat by the manufacturer.  You can find non-compliant bat rules here:

Can I request a certain coach? Can I request that my player and her friend play together?

We will make every effort to accommodate requests. Please note teams are formed based on a draft in an effort to create equitable teams. We will honor your request if possible, but can't make any guarantees.

Is there a difference between the Fall and Spring seasons?

The Fall season is considered more of an instructional season, as there are many players moving up and changing leagues. This season is generally less competitive. The Fall season, including practices, generally runs from September until the week before Thanksgiving.

The Spring season is longer and more competitive. Players are comfortable with their new leagues. The Spring season, including practices, generally run from February until May.

I would like to volunteer, but I am not a coach. Are there other ways to help?

Yes! CSA is a nonprofit, all volunteer organization. Everyone is encouraged to help out in any way they are able. Opportunities include but are not limited to the following:

Board Members: Positions include but are not limited to: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Athletic Director, League and Advanced Baseball Directors, Website, Registration, Equipment, Fundraising, Communications, Uniforms, Trophies, Concession Stand and At Large. Please contact the President for more information.

Fundraising: Fundraising is a critical part of our park's success. Each season there is at least one major fundraising project for recreation ball participation. There are also separate fundraising for our and All-star teams. Corporate and Individual sponsorships are always welcome!

Team Parent: Support your team and assist your coaches and parents by becoming a team parent. Responsibilities include coordinating picture day and fundraising, assigning snacks and organizing the end of the season party. Depending on the coach, this position may include dugout duty.

Concession Duty: Every team will be required to work the concession stand at least once during the season. Help your coach out by volunteering your services. 

Are there community service hour opportunities for my High School child?

Yes! Our Concession Stand regularly uses teenagers (16 and up) to work for community service hours. Please contact us for additional information. Additionally, coaches may allow teenagers to earn hours by participating in practices as junior coaches'. Contact the board for placement.

Who should I talk to if I or my daughter has a question about playing time or the position she is playing?

Your head coach sets the line-up and positions for each game so he/she should field your initial questions.  After you communicate your concerns to your head coach and you give him/her time to explain and make any adjustments, if you feel your concerns are not being addressed or if you feel like your head coach is playing favorites you should contact a member of the board.

What should I do if I am concerned for my daughter's safety with regard to abuse or neglect?

Then you should immediately contact a member of the board.

I don't think my player is ready to advance to the next league. Can I hold her back for a season?

This is a common question, particularly in the Fall season when children with Spring birthdays seem too young to move up to the next league. However, CSA follows Babe Ruth guidelines which require that players are grouped in their specified age range.

In general, we have found that children perform well when kept with their own age group. Holding a player back strictly for the purpose of scheduling or carpooling could pose a safety threat to the players in the younger league.

My player is bored in her current league. Can she play up?

In short, all players must register and evaluate with their proper age group. Again, the safety of the players is our top priority. Advancement will be at the discretion of the league directors and coaches involved. In no case will a player be allowed to move up more than one league.

How do I register?

CSA offers easy online registration. If you prefer to pay with check or cash, we will be available at the park to take registrations in person on a limited basis. 

Why do I have to set up an account on the website to register my player online?

In an effort to streamline the registration process, the website is designed to hold your player's data from season to season. This can only happen by attaching this data to your secure account.

I missed the registration deadline. Can I still register?

Please contact the board if you have missed the normal registration deadline. We'll make every effort to find a spot for your player, but please be aware there are no guarantees. This will be based on space/availability on a team. Late registrations are subject to a late charge. 

What is your refund policy?

Prior to team selection, 100% of the amount paid minus an administrative fee and any late fees will be refunded. Once teams have been selected, only 50% of your initial registration fee will be refunded. Late charges are not refundable.There will be no refunds due to the following: Natural Disaster, Health Pandemic, Government shut downs, act of god, athlete absences.

Where does my registration money go?

CSA provides your player with a softball uniform including pants, jersey, and socks. All players receive participation trophies at the end of each season.

A portion of your fees go to cover the costs of running and maintaining the fields, dugouts, batting cages, and the concession stand. We must also purchase equipment (softballs, catcher's gear, etc.) and pay umpire fees. Administrative expenses include, utilities, and website hosting. Finally, we provide liability and accident insurance coverage on all of our players. CSA is a non-profit organization. We do everything possible to contain costs while maintaining a safe, fun environment for all.

What divisions do you offer?

You can see our division matrix here:

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